Mission Statement

To provide a quality physical fitness facility aided by professional staff giving customers the best option in fitness training and other related services so that they can lead a healthy lifestyle.

Vision Statement 

The University Gym will be the premier wellness center in the Maracas Valley, catering to the health and fitness needs of the staff and students of the University of the Southern Caribbean, the Maracas Valley community and its environs in a Christ-centered.

Fitness Lab USC

Our range of techno-gym cardiovascular equipment such as the treadmills, bicycles, and steppers has been an asset to our gym.

Whether you're overweight, underweight or you just want to keep fit, the University gym is the place for you. We offer a wide variety of training exercises in diverse categories from Weight Reduction training to Rehabilitation of injuries and Mass Building. The gym is located at the northern end of the Industrial Arts Centre, and is easily accessible to the public and gives campus students and staff who attend a good warm up exercise.

Our trained, courteous and competent staff is available from the early morning hours, up late night to cater for students, faculty, staff, and the general public. Our recently updated gym expands our fitness profile, providing the latest equipment and training services including cardiovascular equipment, personal training, group exercise, and weight training.


Office contact information

Phone: 1-868-662-2241 Ext. 1250/51/52
Fax: 1-868-662-1197
E-Mail: sped@usc.edu.tt