General Requirements

Your entry into most programmmes is assessed on the basis of your academic qualifications at the time of evaluation.

School Requirements

In addition to the general requirements, here are some programme-specific admission requirements.

Provisional Admission

Provisional admission is offered on a case by case basis. Provisionally admitted students can get further details here.

Admissions Guidelines

General guidelines for undergraduate application can be found here.


Students seeking readmission to the university can do so by completing the Notification of Intention to Return and Application for Academic Readmission forms.

Continuing Education

If you desire to take additional classes after graduating from the University, you must apply for readmission before additional course work can be recorded on the transcript.

Student Forms

Forms for the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions

  • Telephone: (868) 612-4872 exts. 1501, 1503

  • Email: