Transfer Classifications

USC processes two (2) types of transfer students:

  • Students currently enrolled at the University of the Southern Caribbean who wish to transfer between locations.

  • Students not enrolled at the University of the Southern Caribbean but wish to complete their degree here.

Enrolled Transfer Students

Students may need to change their point of instructional delivery from one of our locations to another. A student wishing to do so will need to visit the University Registrar.

External Transfer Students

The University of the Southern Caribbean welcomes applications from prospective external transfer students. Your overall academic record is important to assess transfer credits.

Who Can Apply

Apply as a transfer student if you’ve are presently matriculated in another institution and have gained credits and would like to transfer them for completion of a degree at with the University of the Southern Caribbean. You are still required to follow general undergraduate admission guidelines and provide all documents.

Required Documents

In addition to the regular admission requirements, you are required to submit the following.

  • Transcript: As a transfer student, you must submit official transcripts from your university or college level work.

  • Course outlines for credits earned.


Each department or school will determine the transfer credit earned, and the student records will be reflected accordingly.