Student Advisement Centre

The Student Advisement Centre (SAC) provides an integrated approach to student advisement and development through consistent and quality advice to students. This integrative approach to Student Services is a student-centered method that allows students to access timely advice from different divisions under one roof. The SAC facilitates networking and referrals in quality time and reduces the anxiety and frustrations of finding advisors and staff in different departments. To this end, the Centre provides advice, support, academic counselling and mentoring.


SAC will be a trusted source of advising excellence, providing support and guidance to students, to facilitate their intellectual and professional development.


To provide a friendly and professional advising experience to engender student success.


To enable students to successfully matriculate in an empowering and eustress environment.


  • To assist students in making informed decisions about their academic journey.

  • To facilitate an understanding of the purpose of higher education.

  • To enable the students to act and think independently.

Core Services

Services provided by the SAC are many and critical to the student's success:

  • Provides Study Skills & Examination Preparation Seminar

  • Facilitates Referrals of Students for Spiritual Counselling

  • Facilitates Referrals of Students to the Counselling Department

  • Provides Training for the Use of the Electronic Academic Management System AEORION

  • Offering of Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC/CXC) Classes

  • Offering of the Pre-University Certificate (PUC) Programme

  • Academic Advising

  • Assistance with GPA Calculations

  • Process and Monitor Probation Students

  • Process and Monitor Provisional Students

  • Advises on Program Guides

  • Facilitates Academic Progress Reports

  • Facilitates Withdrawal Process

  • Provides Career Counselling Services

  • Provides Freshman Advisement Services

  • Provides Subject Tutoring Services

Student Advisory Services

The Academic Advisors of the SAC provide the following services:

  • Academic Bulletin and Policies

  • Forms and Processes

  • General Education Requirements for Degrees

  • Codes of Conduct

  • University Dates and Deadlines

  • Codes of Conduct

  • University Dates and Deadlines

  • Transfer Credits

  • Incompletes

  • GATE

  • Exam Regulation

Academic Advisors

School of Social Sciences

School of Science, Technology and Allied Health; School of Nursing

School of Business & Entrepreneurship; School of Education & Humanities; School of Theology & Religion

CSEC Classes

Pre-University Certificate