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The USC St.Lucia Campus provides opportunities for persons desirous of pursuing a tertiary level education. Choose a programme and begin the journey of personal and professional development.

About Us

The St. Lucia Campus was established in 2007 to give individuals desirous of obtaining a tertiary education, the option to study at USC while at home. The University of the Southern Caribbean seeks to transform ordinary people into extraordinary servants of God to humanity.

The campus offers students the opportunity to start and complete specific programes here at our extension campus in St.Lucia. The USC St. Lucia Campus also offers their students the opportunity to begin their education here in St. Lucia and be transferred to the Main Campus in Trinidad at any moment of their choosing.


A university degree from USC can help prepare you for career success. Students have the option of completing the following degree programmes in St.Lucia. Click on links to get programme details.

School of Business:

School of Education and Humanities:

School of Science and Technology:

School of Social Science:

The above programmes have been approved by the St.Lucia Ministry of Education, Innovation, Gender Relations and Sustainable Development.

Students can begin other courses of study at the St. Lucia campus and complete their degree requirements by travelling to our main campus. We have a number of physical classrooms from which we provide onsite instructional delivery for all classes.


Our goal is to ensure you achieve academic success as a student.


Catherine Inglis-Leon

Administrative Assistant

Kennitha Alexander

Academic Faculty

Our instructional staff consist of fifteen (15) lecturers which is the core of our local academic faculty.


As a student of USC St.Lucia campus there's a number of support services available to you.

  • Main Campus Online Library
  • Computer Lab
  • Academic Advisement

The Campus is located directly opposite to the St. Lucia Seventh-day Adventist Academy and a mere two (2) minutes walking to the Gablewoods Mall, where there is a supermarket and a food court.

USC's fees information is provided here. Students of the St.Lucia Campus should be aware of the following fee schedule.

  • General Fees - 1st and 2nd Semester -  US $117.00
  • 3rd Semester Fees - US $95.00
  • Lab Fees - US $45.00
  • Tuition - US $125.00 per credit

Important payment information

Students and parent are asked to pay attention to the following information as pertains to the St.Lucia Campus.

  • We do not accept cash. Students must conduct payments using debit or credit cards.
  • Payments of full amounts for tuition, general and other fees can be made via instructions provided by our staff.

Student notices

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Contact us


P.O. Box GM 1057, Sunny Acres, Castries, St. Lucia, LC02 501 Behind the Gablewoods Mall, opposite the St. Lucia SDA Academy.





Business / Classes Hours

Our office is open from Monday to Thursday - 9 am to 7:30 pm and on Fridays - 9 am to 12 noon
Classes are held during the hours of 3:25pm to 7:20pm Monday to Thursday
Our offices and classes are closed on all public holidays.

Live help support

Chat and connect with us online using our live chat service.