Your Journey Beyond Excellence has Officially Begun!

First Steps

Your acceptance letter contains your USC Student ID number, and your USC Student Email Address. 

All official USC communication will be sent to your USC Student Email Address.

Follow the steps below to ensure that your USC experience begins on the right foot.


All first and second year students are assigned an Academic Advisor to assist with the registration process. Visit the Student Advisement Center webpage to find out to contact your assigned Academic Advisor.

All USC students are assigned a Financial Advisor. Visit the Registration webpage to find out how to contact your Financial Advisor.

Student Advisement Center

The Student Advisement Centre (SAC) provides an integrated approach to student advisement and development through consistent and quality advice to students. 


Get information about USC registration procedures and financial advisors for new and continuing students. Get information on various undergraduate student registration topics.

GATE Students

Please note that if you are a GATE student, it is advised that you apply for GATE upon receipt of your acceptance letter:

  1. Follow instructions on how to register for your GATE eService ID using the link below.

  2. Please access the Registration Notice below for instructions on how to apply for GATE funding.