USC Olympiad is BACK! On Thursday, March 16, 2023 rep your team by wearing your color! All roads lead to the Larry Gomes Stadium and academic schools vie for the top spot in this intense circuit of marching, sports and novelty events. Click below to register!

The Warmup!

It's been a minute since we've hit the tracks. Don't worry, we've got lots of activities planned to awaken your inner athlete as we countdown to Olympiad 2023!

Test your limits with the activities below to show us how you measure up!

  • March Past winner

  • Tug of War winner

  • Note: March Past and Tug of War Points will not be added to the overall points as these events carry their own challenge trophies.

  • Victor and Victrix Ludorum

  • The WINNERS of the Victor and Victrix Ludorum trophies will be selected from the FLAT RACES ONLY and represent the male and female student in each AGE GROUP EARNING the most points in the INDIVIDUAL EVENTS ONLY).

March Past judging criteria

  • All participating schools are expected to be in the march past. Routine time 5 minutes (timer will start when the first timer steps off the 100m start line and stops when the last marcher passes the judges).

  • Anytime above 5 minutes will result in a 2-point deduction.

  • Teams will assemble at the 200M line, march to the 100M starter line and halt.

  • Judging will begin at the 100M starting line.

  • Recorded music must be provided by schools.

  • March past teams are encouraged to use gospel music to accompany their teams.

Points for march past

  • Punctuality – 1- Teams must be at the 200M mark at 9:30 am.

  • Precision – 20

  • Flag – 05

  • Uniformity – 10

  • Eyes right - 05

  • Impact - 0

Other considerations - students must compete in school colours.

  • 1500m open

  • Sack Relay Race - Four persons (2 males & 2 Females) must complete the course using sacks provided.

  • 200m Under 21 female

  • 200m Under 21 male

  • 200m Over 21 female

  • 200m Over 21 male

  • Tug of War Preliminaries - 8 persons (no less than 3 females in each team)

  • Hula Hoop Shuffle (4 males / 4 females) - 8 persons in each team.

  • Balloon Burst (3 females & 2 males)- Dressed in a jersey upside down, a beach ball, a pair of fins and blindfolded, five persons must burst balloons hung on a line.

  • 100 M under 21 female

  • 100 M under 21 male.

  • 100 M Alumni male open

  • 100 M alumni female open

  • 100 M 22+ female.

  • 100 M 22+ male.

  • 100 M Faculty female open

  • 100M Faculty male open

  • At the derby - Five persons must ride a horse complete with horse head to the finish line

  • Tug of War Semi Finals

  • Maxi Taxi (2 females / 3 males) - 5 persons ride a maxi from various points to the finish line.

  • 400 M U 21 females

  • 400m u 21 males

  • 400m Over 21 females

  • 400m Over 21 males

  • Four in a sack - Four persons must complete a course all in a sack.

  • Scott’s man strut

  • One by one 6 persons will be spun 20 times after which he/she must run and tag the other member of their team.

  • Water Balloon Volley - 7 persons in each team attempts to get water balloons from one end of the line to the other. To do so the balloons are tossed from one to the other and then volleyed with the use of towels to the last person who places it in a bucket at the end of the line.

  • Cloths Basket Relay - Five persons must complete a course in relay formation while moving in a pair of clothes baskets. Both feet must enter a basket before moving to the next one.

  • Obstacle Course Relay (2 males / 2 females) - Each participant completes a course in a tube and fins and blindfolded. Midway through the course participant must burst a balloon before returning to the starting line to tag the next in line.

  • Tug of War Finals

  • 4 x 100m under 21 female

  • 4 x 100m under 21 male

  • 4 x 100m over 21 female

  • 4 x 100m over 21 male

  • 4x100m open (2males / 2 females)

  • Tug of War finals

  • 100 M open (USC fastest woman race)

  • 100 M open (USC fastest man race)

Point system for sporting events

Flat races and novelty events

  • 1st  place    10

  • 2nd place     8

  • 3rd place      6

  • 4th place      4

  • Finishing      1


  • 1st place   15

  • 2nd place  12

  • 3rd place  10

  • 4th place    8

  • Finishing     2

Note: The march past, Tug of War and USC fastest man/woman results will not be added to the final tally of points as these events will have their own challenge trophies and medals.

Register | Olympiad 2023

Make sure you don't miss a beat! Use the form below to register your participation in novelty events and/or transportation.

About USC Olympiad

Sports day

This event is the highlight of the Sports and Physical Education Department annual student activities and competitions. Every second semester USC holds its Olympiad, a memorable and fun-filled day of sports and competition. Students from all academic disciplines and three campuses in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago come together for the day. This event is usually held off campus at one the local stadiums.


Our sports day is not reserved for athletes with sporting prowess only, but students, staff and faculty desirous of 'competing' in an informal and enjoyable environment. Of course, there is serious competition as teams vie for the overall trophy, march pass trophy, tug-of-war trophy and Victor Ludorum and Victrix Ludorum.

Tug of war

March pass


Teams & Colors

Schools are represented in the colours below.

  • School of Science, Technology & Allied Health
    Black and Gold /Yellow
  • School of Education and Humanities
  • School of Theology and Religion
  • School of Social Science
    Light blue
  • Schools of Business, Entrepreneurship & Continuing/Professional Studies
    Light green
  • University South Campus
  • USC Tobago Campus

General notes

March past

All schools are requested to prepare there march past team of no less than fourteen (14) persons in uniform to participate in the march past. The point system for the march past is attached for your guidance.


Only gospel music or music provided by a drum corps will be allowed for the March Past. The final date for confirming the choice of accompaniment for march past will be communicated to you in a subsequent correspondence.


Students needing transportation must sign up with their various schools – deans, chairs or lecturers and pay the cost of ten dollars ($10.00) return. (See transport form attached). Transportation leaves campus at 7:30am.

Incentives for Attendance

To create interest in the event and motivate students to attend the following is suggested

  • Use the day as an extra class attendance and have students sign the attendance register at the event.

  • Lecturers can give points towards class assignments for attending Olympiad.