The Sport & Physical Education Department (SPED) at USC promotes friendly competition, fitness training, and sports to all members of the Maracas community, including students, student-athletes, faculty, and staff. SPED provides a wide variety of programs and well-maintained facilities for almost any sport or fitness-oriented person.

University sports day

Mature students and GED students who have no CXC subjects will not be required to take CXC Math if they are doing Business Education, Computer Science, or Biology.

However, they will be required to take the MATH Placement Test, and if they score at the proper level to take the required math course for their majors, usually MATH165 or higher, they may proceed to take the required course.

If they do not score high enough, then they must take either the CXC math or take additional math courses that will prepare them to pass the MATH Placement Test, when it is taken again to get into their required math course.

Transfer students with no CXC math in programmes requiring math should be evaluated as follows: If the transfer student has already passed the same math course or its equivalent as required in the respective programme (in most cases MATH165), he/she does not need to take the CXC math.

If the transfer student has not already passed the required math course, he/she should take the MATH Placement Test.

Intervarsity sports

SPED takes part in a number of Intervarsity competitions. These competitions are held between universities in Trinidad & Tobago. Competition disciplines include football, tennis, cricket, basketball, and volleyball.

Intramural Sports

Within the university community are a number of competitions held.

  • The T.Gardner Cup Football League Competition.
  • The C.A. Valley Windball Cricket Competition.
  • The La Coupe Basketball competition. This competition is held between various territories.
  • Table Tennis Competition. From time to time other teams are invited to compete.

Extramural sports

The university teams on occasions participate in national and club events. Such events are run by National Sporting Organizations ( NSOs) and community clubs.

Join a team

You don't have to be a sports buff to join a team, just be sports minded. Once you are a student of the university visit the SPED office where you will need to fill out a form which provides the department with important health and fitness data.If under 18 years, you will need parental consent.