USC Board of Trustees

The USC Board of Trustees is elected to serve every five years.  Click below to view the members of the USC Board of Trustees 2022/2023 and USC's Organizational Chart 2022.


The representative group is comprised as follows:

  • From the Caribbean Union Conference: The President, Secretary, Treasurer and Director of the Department of Education.

  • The President of the University.

  • The Presidents of the Conferences/Missions of the Union or their designee.

  • Two (2) Directors of the Department of Education from the fields to serve on a bi-annual rotating basis.

  • One (1) member of the Alumni Association of Trinidad and Tobago.

  • One representative from the North American Alumni Association.

  • Non-denominationally employed persons shall be equivalent to 40% of the total number of members listed above. The individuals will be recommended by the Board of Trustees to the Union Executive Committee. (The two fields not represented in any given quinquennium may be allowed to appoint a lay representative each as invitees to the board of trustees).


The Board’s main duties include setting the University's strategic direction, establishing policy for the University, the appointment of key personnel, and approval of the curriculum and budgets of the University.

For additional information about the Board of Trustees, please contact the Office of the President.