Our Services

The Office of Research and Innovation (ORI) has an overall responsibility for moving USC’s research agenda forward in assisting faculty, students, and researchers in capacity building for research skills, establishing and administering policies governing the research on campus and overseeing the management of research projects both internal and external.  Additionally, we assist researchers seeking external funding, network with government, corporate, church and academic communities to expand the research enterprise, and channel benefits of research to the public and private sectors. As such, we offer the following services:


Grant writing is a major avenue for seeking funds and increasing research productivity at USC. We provide opportunities for faculty and graduate students to get connected with funding agencies, support in writing good grant proposals for securing funds for their research projects and moving them on to publication.

USC Institutional Review Board (IRB)

We approve research projects through IRB for faculty, graduate, doctoral students and independent researchers who choose USC community as well as the local region as a field for their research.

Skill-based and hands-on Training Sessions

We are building capacity and developing synergy among researchers through skill-based and hands-on training/short courses on literature review, designing a research, data collection and analysis, report writing and techniques of presentations, research ethics and academic integrity.

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The USC Journal of Research is published on annual basis. It is a peer reviewed scholarly journal that invites scholars from diverse fields to publish.

Networking and Collaboration

We network and collaborate with research institutes at local and regional levels as well as with the Seventh-day Adventists institutions and international universities.

Research Support

We provide support system to researchers, graduate and doctoral students through our monthly Writing Lab sessions and at any other times by appointments.

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Innovative Research Strategies

We provide platform through our monthly Academic Forums to present and discuss innovative ideas and ground-breaking research being conducted by faculty and students that can be implemented in their schools or form part of policy making at the national level.

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