M.S in Occupational Therapy

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The Master of Science in Occupational Therapy helps prepare individuals for a vital and dynamic health profession that help people develop, restore and maximize their skills needed to lead independent, productive, satisfying and fully participatory lives. Occupational therapists work with people whose physical, psychological or cognitive impairments related to illness, injury, a health or developmental condition limit their participation in everyday activities of daily living such as self-care, work and leisure.

Other information : This program is offered face-to-face. Please email occupational.therapy@usc.edu.tt for more information.

Campuses : Main Campus
Total programme credits : 67
Programme duration: 3 years
Programme delivery:
G.A.T.E status : Not GATE Approved


A minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale

Additional requirements

BA/BS in any subject matter from an accredited institution; minimum of 40 hours of exposure to occupational therapy; minimum of 100 hours of paid or volunteer work with local service or health organizations; and completion of prerequisite courses: Introduction to Statistics, Abnormal Psychology, Human Lifespan and Development, Introduction to Sociology or Anthropology, Anatomy and Physiology I (with lab), and Medical Terminology.


  • OCTH 501 Functional Human Anatomy  4 with lab
  • OCTH 502 Professional Foundations of Occupational Therapy I
  • OCTH 503 Research and Evidenced based Practice
  • OCTH 505 Occupation-based Assessment and Analysis
  • OCTH 504 Service Learning Seminar 
  • OCTH 506 Functional Neuroscience
  • OCTH 507 Health Conditions I
  • OCTH 508 Therapeutic Process I  
  • OCTH 509 Therapeutic Performance Lab 1 2 with lab
  • OCTH 511 Professional Foundations in OT and OS II
  • OCTH 510 Service Learning 1
  • OCTH 512 Health Conditions II
  • OCTH 513 Therapeutic Processes II
  • OCTH 514 Therapeutic Performance Lab II
  • OCTH 515 Service Learning II
  • OCTH 516 Professional Foundations III
  • OCTH 517 Research and Evidence Based Practice II (online and 4 week block)
  • OCTH 518 Fieldwork II A (7 weeks, full time, 280 hours)
  • OCTH 519 Health Conditions III
  • OCTH 520 Therapeutic Processes III
  • OCTH 521 Therapeutic Performance Lab III
  • OCTH 522 Research and Evidence based practice III
  • OCTH 523 Community-based OT I
  • OCTH 524 Service Learning III
  • OCTH 525 Fieldwork II B (8 weeks, full time, 320 hours)
  • OCTH 526 Fieldwork II C (9 weeks, full time, 360 hours)
  • OCTH 527 Community Based OT II
  • OCTH 528 Occupational Therapy Advocacy, Leadership & Professional Transition
  • OCTH 529 Research and Evidence Based Practice IV
  • OCTH 530 Service Learning IV