USC Call for Abstracts

Conference Theme: “Lifestyle, Non-communicable Diseases (NCDs), and Innovative Research Methodologies in Health and Well - Being.”

All submitted Abstracts must have received ethical approval from the relevant institutional Review Board or Research Ethics Committee. Abstracts in all areas of health and well - being are welcome, including those utilizing novel and unique research methodologies, as well as studies employing quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods. Additionally, abstracts related to other relevant themes may be accepted


University of the Southern Caribbean is proud to host its Annual Research Conference, focusing on the theme “Lifestyle, Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs), and Innovative Research Methodologies in Health and Well-Being.” This event brings together researchers from diverse fields such as public health, social science, and behavioral health, along with policymakers, to explore, discuss, and innovate new approaches. Our primary goal is to understand and address lifestyle-related diseases while promotingeffective ways to enhance health and wellness for all.


Abstract Guidelines:

  • Themes and Subthemes: Each abstract must be allocated to a specific theme or subtheme.
    View Complete List of Suggested Subthemes
  • Length: Abstracts should be between 150-250 words, covering objectives to conclusions.
  • Language and Format: Must be written in Standard English, using Times New Roman font, 12pt.
  • Restrictions: Avoid abbreviations, acronyms, trade names, and symbols.

Abstract Structure:

  • Title: Must be in UPPERCASE letters, no abbreviations, and limited to 20 words.
  • Authors: Begin on a new line. The presenting author should be listed first, followed by co-authors.
  • Format: First Name Last Name.
  • Affiliations and Country: Begin on a new line below authors. Use italics. List affiliation and country
    for the first presenter first, followed by co-presenters.
  • Email Address: Begin on a new line below affiliations and country. Use italics.
  • Text: Times New Roman, 12pt, arranged under the following sub-headings:
    • Objectives: Introduce the main aim of the study.
    • Methods: Describe the design, data collection, and analysis.
    • Results: Present the essential findings.
    • Conclusions: State clear and specific conclusions derived from the findings.


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Oral Presentations: Presenters will have 15minutes to present their research findings followed by a Q&A session.
Poster Presentations: Presenters can visually showcase research findings and engage in one-on-one discussions
with attendees.


Abstracts should be submitted via the online submission form Submit your Abstract Here.
Submit your abstract online by August 16th, 2024.
Authors are allowed to submit only one abstract per presentation mode (oral or poster) as the first author.
Notifications of acceptance or rejection will be sent by October 1st, 2024.
Receipt of submission will be acknowledged. For submission difficulties, email us at
We look forward to receiving your submissions and your participation in this exciting research conference
at the University of the Southern Caribbean.


For any inquires or assistance regarding the submission process, please contact Dr. Dave V. Cassie via email