USC Research Conference 2025

Let's Innovate Together

University of the Southern Caribbean Research Conference 2025

The University of the Southern Caribbean is proud to host its Annual Research Conference, focusing on the theme “Lifestyle, Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs), and Innovative Research Methodologies in Health and Well-Being.” This event brings together
researchers from diverse fields such as public health, social science, and behavioral health, along with policymakers, to explore,
discuss, and innovate new approaches. Our
primary goal is to understand and address lifestyle-related diseases while
promoting effective ways to enhance health and wellness for all.

Conference Objectives

  • Present and Discuss Findings: Provide a platform for researchers, graduate students and policy makers to present and discuss their latest findings, insights, and innovations in the field of NCDs, lifestyle interventions, and health research methodologies.
  • Foster Collaboration: Foster interdisciplinary collaboration and networking among researchers from diverse backgrounds.
  • Translate Research into Action: Facilitate the translation of research findings into actionable strategies for improving health outcomes and well-being as well as effectively addressing lifestyle related diseases.

Attend in 2025 and Enjoy the Experience

Discuss and Explore Solutions

 Join dynamic discussions and explore innovative solutions to pressing health and well-being challenges.

Exchange Ideas

 Network with leading researchers, policymakers, and fellow attendees to build lasting professional relationships.

Meet New Partners and Friends

 Share your insights and learn from others to advance the field of public health and wellness.