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USC Vice President awarded PhD in Business Administration

31 May 2019 | Campus News | Dr. Stephen W. Pilgrim

USC Vice President awarded PhD in Business Administration

We are proud to acknowledge the Pioneers and congratulate all PhD graduates from the Graduating Class of 2019. However, today we single out our own USC Vice President, Dr Prakash Ramoutar, who graduated on May 19, 2019, becoming part of the ‘first-fruits’ of some 16 doctors who graduated from this innovative bi-lingual PhD in Business Administration, at the University of Montemorelos, Mexico (See Photo below).

It was in 2015 that the Pioneer of this International Bi-lingual PhD in Business administration program, Dr Stephen Wayne Pilgrim, a Seventh-day Adventist Caribbean Scholar previously domiciled in The United Kingdom, and more recently past Vice President of USC, came together with another friend, the Ministerial Secretary of Northeastern Conference, another Caribbean Scholar and Alumnus of USC, Dr Ainsworth E. Joseph, to co-engineer the first-ever International PhD Business Administration Cohort offered through the University of Montemorelos, Nuevo Leon, Mexico – one of the flagship Universities of the Inter-American Division of Seventh-day Adventists.  

The goals of this program were to bridge the language and cultural gap between Hispanic and English Pastors and congregations and to enhance the administrative skills of Pastors and Leaders internationally. Many doubted while others questioned the possibility of such an initiative. However, some captured the vision and immediately enrolled in the pilot program.

The program was generated by the Post-Graduate Coordinator at the School of Business, Enterprise & Law, Professor Dr. Pedro Gonzalez; and received its blessings from the President of Universidad de Montemorelos, Professor Ismael Castillo Osuna, as a very innovative and ‘blue ocean’ proposal.

We congratulate each of these ‘history-making PhD graduates',  including Dr Andrew Philbert, Alumnus of USC from the Grenada Conference. But today we particularly pay homage to our own Vice President – Dr. Ramoutar. We are proud of this son of the soil, for his dedication and commitment, and for flying the USC flag so high in the sky. We also congratulate all other Caribbean nationals who graduated in other disciplines at the UM Graduation Ceremony on Sunday 19th May 2019. 


While this Business Admin Cohort has now graduated, others are in the process of forming; so that persons interested in joining this august group of Doctors of Business Administration, as well as Doctor of Educational Administration can contact Dr. Stephen Wayne Pilgrim through Email: or Telephone: +(868) 374-6852.   A second cohort is already started and a third is being developed to begin late 2019/2020.