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USC rejects misleading Trinidad newspaper article

09 Oct 2019 | Campus News | Office of the President

USC rejects misleading Trinidad newspaper article

The University of the Southern Caribbean (“the USC”) outrightly rejects misleading statements published in an article carried by the Trinidad and Tobago Newsday on Sunday 29th September 2019, captioned, ‘Rough times at USC’.  No opportunity was given to the USC for comment and verification before this article was published. The USC takes these allegations very seriously since they go against the principles and core values of our institution. The university has referred this matter to its attorneys for a full response. 

The USC will vigorously defend its good name and reputation against any false allegations of fraudulent activity in relation to the fulfilment of its requirements as an accredited institution of higher learning; particularly as it relates to students’ true and accurate academic course participation and examination. 

The USC has never, under any circumstance, compromised these standards and obligations for the benefit of any student.  The USC categorically and unequivocally denies that it has ever been involved in any aspect of examination fraud. The University holds to the highest values and standards and has strict policies on how it conducts its affairs. 

The USC is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for its students and staff.  The USC assures all students, faculty, staff, personnel and the public that it takes seriously all complaints and thoroughly investigates them in strict compliance with its administrative and disciplinary procedures, in accordance with good industrial relations practice, sound legal principles and the rules of natural justice.

The USC offers a range of associate, undergraduate and graduate programs through its six schools and more than 40 fields of study. As can be expected from such a large entity, it is not a static organization. With the introduction of different courses and educational objectives as well as a diverse student body and sub-cultures from various groups, different challenges may arise from time-to-time. The USC is committed to meeting them head-on with a proactive and constructive approach for the advancement of tertiary education.