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New plans for USC unveiled at the 2018 President's Convocation

05 Oct 2018 | Campus News | Staff

New plans for USC unveiled at the 2018 President's Convocation

On October 1, 2018, students, faculty and staff along with administrators gathered at the University Auditorium to participate in the annual President’s Convocation ceremony. 

Melodic musical renditions from USC Music’s Orchestra and Choir, who were under the direction of the ever-passionate Kerron Hislop, Coordinator of the USC Music Department were a memorable feature of the event. 

As per tradition, faculty in attendance were donned in their academic regalia as they marched through the auditorium, followed by the executive of the Associate Body and the University’s administration. The panel of participants at Monday’s event included USC administrators, and chairman of the USC Board of Trustees, Dr Kern Tobias. Making his debut appearance since assuming the position of ASB President for the 2018-2019 School year was Mr Jamel Providence. 

Dr Hilary Bowman, University President, began his address by giving the account of an unforgettable journey via aeroplane, which he experienced almost thirty years ago. Using the analogy of that journey, he likened the student’s USC experience to a journey. “Today, I want to liken your stay at USC to a journey, a twofold journey; an academic journey as well as a spiritual journey. With your hand in God’s hands, He has the ability to blend these two journeys together to make you the best leader you could be.” 

His thought-provoking and inspiring address called on students to excel in the different facets of their academic lives. In relationships, grades, and finances to name a few. 

President's Convocation 2018

In discussing the administration’s plans for the new academic year, he pointed out a few of the University’s accomplishments during the last academic school year, and also shed light on the direction in which the University is headed in the coming years. Among the upcoming developmental plans highlighted in his presentation were: 

• Renewal of the PhD in Counseling and Psychology in partnership with Andrews University.

• A PhD in Business: in partnership with Montemorelos University, Mexico.

• A Health Institute. 

• Collaboration with the Ministry of Education of Trinidad & Tobago to offer the Dip Ed to thousands of students in keeping with the ministry’s mandate to further equip teachers with the skills set to enhance teaching and learning.

• Development of a physical therapy programme 

• Development of a degree in herbal and nutritional medicine.

With regard to infrastructural development plans, Bowman announced that a School of Nursing & Allied Health will be formed and a four-storey building, located at the old dormitory site, next to the School of Social Sciences building will be erected. This building will include primary health care units, beds, labs and classes. 

He also noted that the La Realista Housing Development Programme would be actualized with 50 plots earmarked to be developed. 

Bowman ended his address by admonishing students to “Remember that university journeys are not the easiest of journeys. Your God has promised that he will take you safely through this journey. Take Him at His word, He always delivers.”

The 2018-2019 school year began on September 3, 2018, and will end on December 14, 2018.