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Health and Violence at Crossroads – Research Day 2018

26 Jan 2018 | Campus News |

Health and Violence at Crossroads – Research Day 2018

Written by: Trea Johnson


The University of the Southern Caribbean’s (USC) annual Research Day is slated for March 14, 2018. This year’s theme, Health and Violence at Crossroads, is premised on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and is a continuation of last year’s presentation.

In 2015, more than 190 world leaders pledged their commitment to 17 Sustainable Development Goals to be achieved by 2030. In keeping with this development agenda, USC has chosen to address goals #3 (Good Health) and #16 (Peace and Justice) of the SDG's. According to Dr. Susan Chand, Director of Research and Innovation at USC, society often addresses both these issues independently but there is an intersection where they can be addressed and possibly resolved simultaneously. 

A Call for Papers has been made. Interested individuals can submit posters and abstracts to be presended on March 14. For more information on the USC Research Day activities, call 662-2241 ext. 1655 or email 


Trea Johnson is a Graduate Records Assistant at the University of the Southern Caribbean