Programme Information


The Master of Arts in Educational Administration and Leadership prepares graduate students for effective leadership in Christian, public and private schools for all levels of the education system: ECCE, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Education. As professional degree it contributes to the knowledge base through original research, research methodology and field investigations.

Campuses: All Campuses

Total Programme Credits: 36

Programme Duration: 2 years

Programme Delivery: Online


B.S or B.A degree


  • EDCI 663 Advanced Graduate Writing
  • EDFN 554 Philosophical Foundation of Education
  • EDCI 586 Media & Technology in Education
  • EDAL 560 Legal Aspects of Education
  • EDRM 505 Research Methods in Education & Psychology
  • EDRM 611 Applied Statistics in Education & Psychology
  • EDCI 547 Foundations of Curriculum Studies
  • EDAL 664 School Leadership
  • EDAL 645 Educational Finance and Marketing
  • EDAL 635 Human Resource Administration
  • EDAL 661 Managing and Operating Educational Facilities
  • EDAL 699– Research Project
  • EDAL 590 - Practicum