Financial Clearance

All registered students must visit the Department of Student Finance before final exams to obtain finance clearance. You will receive your examination slip which must be taken with you to all exams.

Students are advised to make every effort to see their financial advisor during the dates provided on AEORION.

Exam Clashes

It is the responsibility of all students to bring to our attention in a timely manner any clashes that may still occur with your personal examination schedule. Kindly inform your Exam Council representative of clashes by sending the following information to

  • Your name, USC ID No., Tel. Contact No.

  • The classes: Name & Code

  • The name of the instructor

  • Dates/Times of Clashes

Requesting Time-Off

Employed students who require letters for their employer outlining exam dates can make a request by clicking the button below.

Basic Guidelines for Students During Exams

  • Please read the final exam schedule carefully and confirm the correct time and room for your exam.

  • Absence from an exam (because of lack of knowledge or mix-up about the schedule) is totally your fault. The consequence of missing a scheduled examination is an automatic “f”. You will not be able to get an incomplete “I”.

  • Usc’s dress code will be in effect for all examinations. Candidates in breach of the code will not be allowed into the hall. Please comply fully with all regulations, and avoid yourself being faced with an embarrassing situation.

  • All candidates should be seated in the examination room at least ten (10) minutes before the actual start of each examination. The exam room will be open for candidates 15 - 20 minutes before each examination.

  • Instructions and/or corrections will only be given ten (10) minutes before the start of each exam. Missing them will be at your own risk since you will be held liable.

  • You will not be allowed into the exam hall, for an exam, after forty-five (45) minutes have elapsed.

  • Your USC id card must be shown, on entering the examination hall and should be displayed on the desk/table in front of you during each exam. Please obtain an id card before coming to do exams.

  • You will only be allowed to take in writing equipment (and other equipment required by your exam) into the exam hall. No paper of any kind will be allowed with you into the exam hall. There must be no form of communication while in the exam hall. A breach of these regulations could lead to disqualification from that examination.

  • No bags and/or cell phones will be allowed into the hall. A secured room with a numbering system is provided to leave all personal belongings before entering the exam hall.