Programme Information


From the study of the history of the Caribbean and the wider world students will gain a depth of knowledge of the international arena as well as cultivate skills in critical thinking and analysis, as well as develop research and oral competencies.

Campuses: Main campus

Total programme credits: 21

Programme duration: 1 year

Programme delivery:

G.A.T.E status: GATE Approved


B.S or B.A in subject area and active in teaching profession


Academic services

  • EDTE 561 Educational Principles Strategies & Practice for Improving Instruction
  • EDFN 554 Philosophical Foundation of Education
  • EDCI 587 Media & Technology in Education
  • EDTE 524 Assessment & Evaluation of Learning
  • EDCI 580 Pedagogical principles in Specific Subject Areas: _______
  • EDTE 571 Managing Student Behaviours and Social Issues in the Classroom
  • EDPC 516 Psychological & Sociological Perspective of Teaching & Learning
  • EDTE 590 Practicum