A Message from the President of Virtua

We at the Virtua computer science club intend to increase computer literacy among our peers and to build upon our current knowledge even further. This can be achieved through a plethora of intuitive games and challenges in which everyone can be involved, backed with a bit of studying as-well. As a member you will also have the opportunity to attend multiple seminars that are likely to pique your interest. We encourage anyone who wishes to learn more about computers to join us on our journey.

--- Josiah Polite


Our vision is to create opportunities for students to enhance their knowledge, skills and experience in computing and mathematics while having fun.


To make computer science exciting!

Meet the Virtua Team

Executive Members:

  • President - Josiah Polite
  • Vice President - Nathan Dolor
  • Secretary - Selisha Romeo
  • Treasurer - Gamir Malcolm
  • Parliamentarian - Liam Webster
  • Chaplain - Mickael Walters


  • Year 1 - Satiya Warner
  • Year 2 - Ruel Cato
  • Year 3 - Nathaneal Armstrong

Contact Virtua

Email us at: virtuaclub@usc.edu.tt