Department of Computing, Mathematics and Technology

Computer technology has made a significant impact on every facet of life, and computer competence is no longer merely an asset to, but a requirement for adequate functioning in almost every area of human endeavor. Thus, the Department seeks to: 

     To instill and provide our students with examples of Christian principles - superior moral standards. 

      To offer high-quality degrees and programmes that will satisfy the needs of both our students and the industries into which they will be assimilated. 

      To prepare graduates  who are informed, innovative, articulate, and equipped to perform in a competitive and dynamic working environment. 


      To allow for broad-based computer literacy among University faculty, staff and students of other disciplines as well as the wider community. 

      Provide students with practical experience in the methods and concepts involved in scientific research. 


      Provide students with experiences that will lead to the development of skills, knowledge and attitudes which will enable them to make informed career decisions.

● To provide a firm foundation for further study.