Procession formation

Graduating students are expected to be on time, dressed and waiting in line at formation time. Graduands are required to be present at all three Graduation exercises: Consecration, Baccalaureate and Commencement.


Candidates typically march in pairs to the University Auditorium. They will then be guided to the front where their seats will be located on the left and right. A seating chart will be posted for viewing.

Receiving your Diploma

Candidates will be given their name cards on Sunday for the Commencement exercise. Each School Dean will advise the graduating students in their school of the appropriate time to stand for the presentation of their diplomas.

To receive diplomas, each candidate will follow the ushers' instruction and provide their name cards to the Registrar’s Office personnel standing closest to the Dean. After each name is called, the candidate will move towards the President who will shake their hand and present their diploma jackets. Candidates should then return to their seats and e seated. After all candidates are presented by the Dean, candidates will be asked to stand and face the audience for a round of applause.

Ceremony Etiquette

Please take note of the following:
  • At USC the handing out of diplomas is a quick and orderly process. Show pride for your graduate, friend or colleague, but don't drown out the recognition of another.
  • Life's milestones deserve everyone's full attention. Please refrain from using your mobile phones. Remain in your seat until the last students receive their diplomas so that they feel properly acknowledged.
  • Men should remove their graduation caps during the school song, National Anthem and prayer.