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Graduation is more than the end of a period of study. It's an opportunity for you to mark the completion of your studies and celebrate success with family, friends and others. We encourage you to make it the beginning of your Alumni Chapter membership.

About graduation

Graduation at the University of the Southern Caribbean is a grand all weekend affair. Many students attend the Friday evening Thanksgiving service as well as Saturday church services. The Graduation Ceremony is held on Sunday.

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Applying to graduate

To be eligible to graduate, students must complete all programme requirements by end of the second semester of the graduating year. Students nearing completion of their study are required to complete a number of documents in preparation for graduation.

Graduation checklist

Key information for student regarding graduation ceremony requirements. This covers information you may need to share with guests and family.

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Information for graduating students

Key information for all graduating students can be found here. If you are a student and have any questions regarding graduation, please contact the University Records Office.

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Academic and Commencement attire

A graduation is a grand event and many plan ahead on what to wear. There is an official dress code and guide which is provided for graduating students.

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General Commencement information

Your point for information covering tickets, admission of children, the role of ushers, general seating information, parking, photography and other.

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Commencement programme guides

Information all graduating students should know about the University's Commencement exercises. This includes, procession formation, seating, Receiving your diploma and ceremony etiquette.

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Key post-graduation information

We're glad you're starting your after USC journey, but please pay attention the following information so there's no delaying your progress.

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