Academic attire

Preparing to march to "Pomp and Circumstance" requires wearing the traditional graduation cap and gown. Your academic dress will depend on the degree you will be receiving. The academic regalia consists of cap, gown, hood and tassel.

Here's how to wear your cap and gown:

  • The graduation cap is worn flat on the head, parallel to the floor. The front point of the cap should be centred on the forehead.

  • The graduation gown should fall midway between the knee and ankle (mid-calf).

  • Tassels are usually worn on the right side and shifted to the left when graduates receive their diplomas.

  • Flowers and jewellery should not be worn on the academic gown.

  • Gowns can be accessorized with specific regalia like stoles, honour cords, kente cloth and medallions in keeping with the traditions of the school.

Commencement attire

Male - Black trousers, Black dress shoes and light coloured dress shirt (tie optional) no bow ties allowed.

Female - Black Comfortable Shoes. Lightweight dress, blouse or skirt. Dress/skirt length should not exceed the hem of the robe.

School dress code in effect (No Jewelry except wedding bands and watches).

*Please note that the dress code will be strictly enforced. Graduates not adhering to the stated dress code will not be permitted to march.

Robing for Bachelor's and Masters Regalia