What has changed?

The visual design of the University website has been upgraded to reflect many modern design elements. The menu structure is now simplified to reflect areas of functions, rather than user groups. The design groups information in a functional fashion manner providing related links as needed.

Why upgrade?

The new site philosophy is minimalist and created for mobile and tablet devices, then desktop PCs, in that order.

What browsers is the website optimized for?

The new design has been optimized for modern standards-compliant browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari. If you are using Internet Explorer 8 or earlier the site may not even load.

Why does the USC site look funny on my computer?

If you find that the site renders strange, you may need to upgrade to a modern browser. We support only modern browsers accessible from a tablet, phone or PC. JavaScript must be enabled for this site to render properly. 

How do I log in to AEOrion, E-learn and e-mail?

Links to these services are under the Gateways link on the right. Core end user links are provided here.

How do access staff email and links?

These no longer exist on the main site, but you can access the staff portal through the gateways link. Other staff services are provided in our new staff portal.

Where can I find information for current students?

Important student links can now be found in the Academics section under Current Students. This section has been revamped to make it quicker and easier to find information.

Where can I search?

Search has been consolidated into a single search icon found on the right of the main bar. Note the site search does not include library services, only website.

I am having a problem finding information. Where do I look?

The best place to start really is the site map, which is extensive and is reflects all pages. Click on the link of interest to you.

I am not a native English speaker. How is the translation?

The USC's site is heavily text based.This is a great enhancement, so by using browser translation services, 98% of the site is rendered in your native language!