Associate Student Body 2023/2024

You've cast your votes, and they've been counted! USC's Student Advisory Council (SAC) is pleased to present the Associate Student Body Executive for the academic year 2023/2024.

  • President - Christina Le Maitre
  • Vice President - Michael Gabriel
  • Parliamentarian - Shauntae Price
  • Administrative Assistant - Brenda Gordon-Rasool
  • Director for Public Relations - Haley Tun
  • Director for Financial Administration - Alrine Peters
  • Director for Spiritual Awareness - Pkezia Isidore
  • Director for Social and Cultural Activities - Anya Nero
  • Director of Extracurricular Academic Activities - Abigail Collins
  • Director for Sporting Events - Jounathan Peters
  • Director for Commuting Students - Precious Taylor
  • Director for Student Workers - Kichele Hernandez
  • Director for Non-native Speakers of English - Jean-Paul Milard
  • Sergeant-at-Arms - Amerah Vincent
  • Editor of the Channel - Vernon Price
  • President of the Men's Club - Jad Isidore
  • President of the Ladies Club - Adriel Hoyte

What are the responsibilities of the ASB?

  • To work with the administration in building a prestigious school.

  • To raise the level of student satisfaction by planning and executing extracurricular activities that is of interest and benefits to all students.

  • To make a difference in the community by implementing programs that will uplift and profit them.

  • To integrate academic and social learning in a way that demonstrates holistic education.

  • To avoid unnecessary conflict and to deal with uncomfortable situations swiftly and appropriately.

  • To inform the general student body of all decisions that directly affect student life.

  • Liaise with the administration on behalf of the general body on matters of significance.

  • Select members of standing committees.

  • Ensure publication of the ASB newspaper

  • Appoint individuals to represent the ASB on committees as directed by the vice-president of student development and services of the university.

  • Promote student unity.

  • Maintain the standards of the university and promote such among students.