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What is the ASB?

The Associated Student Body (ASB) is USC's student government. As an organization, the ASB amplifies the voice of the USC student body.All registered undergraduate students are members of the Associated Student Body and are eligible to hold office and benefit from the various services provided by the ASB.

What are the responsibilities of the ASB?

  • To work with the administration in building a prestigious school.

  • To raise the level of student satisfaction by planning and executing extracurricular activities that is of interest and benefits to all students.

  • To make a difference in the community by implementing programs that will uplift and profit them.

  • To integrate academic and social learning in a way that demonstrates holistic education.

  • To avoid unnecessary conflict and to deal with uncomfortable situations swiftly and appropriately.

  • To inform the general student body of all decisions that directly affect student life.

  • Liaise with the administration on behalf of the general body on matters of significance.

  • Select members of standing committees.

  • Ensure publication of the ASB newspaper

  • Appoint individuals to represent the ASB on committees as directed by the vice-president of student development and services of the university.

  • Promote student unity.

  • Maintain the standards of the university and promote such among students.