Beginning Your Academic Journey

Now that you've completed Orientation, what's next? All USCians have taken the path from applicant to student by completing Registration.

During Registration you select courses, set your semester's schedule, and make payments so that you can begin classes for your programme of choice.

Registration consists of the following processes:

  1. Select courses on AEORION. Students in their first and second year are assigned an Academic Advisor to assist with this process.

  2. Submit application for Student Permit. This applies only to Non-TT students. View requirements here.

  3. Receive financial and/or GATE clearance. Students are advised to pay close attention to Registration Notices for necessary steps.

  4. Start earning your degree!

Students are advised to pay close attention to their financial status. Students who have not completed registration for a given semester should urgently make contact with their assigned Financial Advisor. Students who are not financially cleared may be asked to drop courses.