Complete Missing CSEC Subjects at the Student Advisement Centre (SAC)

Students who lack the required number of CSEC passes for regular admission into a programme of choice, can register with the SAC for instructional support to write the CSEC examination.

Four (4) CSEC Passes plus Six (6) University Credits

Any applicant, who possesses four (4) CSEC passes including English, may be provisionally accepted to pursue programmes of study at USC. In order to complete the matriculation requirements, that is, to compensate for the missing subject, the accepted applicant will be required to register and successfully complete six (6) credits under advisement by the Student Advisement Centre (SAC). These six (6) credits will count towards matriculation/admission and cannot be applied to fulfill any degree requirements. Any specific entry requirements in any programme must be met in the four (4) CSEC passes obtained.

The accepted applicant will be required to pay the regular tuition and fees for the six (6) credits since GATE funding is not available to meet University entrance requirements. On successful completion of the six (6) credits, the student can apply for regular admission to his/her programme of choice and then qualify for GATE funding if he/she is a national of Trinidad and Tobago. Nationals of Trinidad and Tobago who will require employment as teachers by the Ministry of Education are not eligible to use this pathway.