Mixed Media Painting

Course Details

DATE: June 10th to June 21st 

TIME: 9:00am - 3:00pm

DURATION: 2 weeks

VENUE: University of the Southern Caribbean 



RESIDENTAL PACKAGE (10 days): $2,500 TT

Programme Schedule

The programme will run from June 10th to 21st, meeting Monday-Friday 9:00 to 3:00 pm in a physical classroom at the University of the Southern Caribbean.


The objective of a professional development short course in Mixed Media Painting is to equip participants with the expertise, abilities, and motivation necessary to produce expressive, innovative, and captivating artwork using mixed media techniques. This entails honing skills across various mixed media methods, such as integrating diverse materials like paint, collage elements, ink, and found objects to craft visually dynamic pieces. Additionally, the course aims to foster conceptual creativity and artistic insight, prompting participants to delve into themes, narratives, and personal reflections within their mixed media compositions.


Numerous individuals and groups stand to gain from enrolling in a professional development short course in Mixed Media Painting. This includes artists seeking to diversify their techniques and materials, educators eager to enrich their teaching methodologies with mixed media approaches, and students in art-related disciplines aiming to augment their formal education with hands-on experience. Hobbyists passionate about art can explore fresh avenues of creative expression and refine their skills, while mental health professionals may find valuable insights into employing mixed media painting as a therapeutic tool. Additionally, professionals in design, advertising, and marketing can benefit from integrating mixed media techniques into their projects and campaigns. Ultimately, anyone with an interest in expanding their artistic horizons or incorporating mixed media painting into their personal or professional endeavors can derive substantial value from participating in such a course.

Programme Description

This course delves into mixed media painting through discussions, studio activities, critiques, and exhibition visits. Tailored for CSEC students, novice painters, and art enthusiasts, it aims to build portfolios, foster therapeutic engagement, and provide a comprehensive understanding of various painting materials and techniques.

Expected Learning Outcomes

By the course end, students will articulate their work using art language, promote peer collaboration, and establish a strong foundation for portfolio development.

  1. Introduce various painting media and techniques.
  2. Explore texture's role in mixed-media painting.
  3. Teach basic collage techniques.
  4. Develop skills in water-based painting.
  5. Facilitate final mixed-media painting projects.
  6. Encourage critical thinking and self-reflection.

Programme Structure

Week 1: Introduction to Painting Media

  •  Overview of water-based mediums.
  •  Introduction to influential artists.
  • Understanding texture.

Week 2: Exploring Techniques and Final Projects

  •  Basic collage techniques and material selection.
  • Development of water-based painting skills, focusing on acrylic.
  • Creation of final mixed-media painting.
  • Presentation, critique, and reflection.

Learn About the Lecturer: Mr. Boyd Gibson

Mr. Oliver Smith is an enthusiastic artist and educator in the field of Visual Arts, dedicating his professional life to nurturing and guiding aspiring artists in discovering their creative potential. He completed a post-secondary 4-year diploma, with a major in painting and minor in sculpture, at the E.R. Burrowes School of Art in Guyana and after lecturing at his alma mater for many years, Mr. Smith expanded his art education with a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts) from the University of Guyana's Faculty of Education and Humanities.

Completion Requirements

At least 80% attendance and corresponding participation in class activities, completion of 80% of assignments, and participants will undergo assessments to gauge their understanding of the material and its practical application.

Course Credential

Participants who successfully complete the programme will earn a micro-credential pegged at the CARICOM Qualifications Framework Level 5 and will be issued with a Certificate from the University of the Southern Caribbean indicating the programme title, CQF level, the number of professional development hours and the overall letter grade. They will also be issued with a transcript showing the module completed.

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