In the Caribbean higher education is viewed as one of the most important ingredients for economic development and with limited resources, quality in higher education is a priority and must be achieved while keeping in mind issues of relevance, costs, equity and best practices. A quality institution, therefore, is one that offers its stakeholders value for money and is not just content to ensure that quality is maintained but is constantly seeking to promote improvement and enhancement of quality in all spheres of its operations.

Our commitment

The University of the Southern Caribbean (USC) has demonstrated its commitment to the development of an institution where Christ is the central figure but also quality and excellence are central features. In 2010 the Department of Quality Assurance was established. Central to its role is assuring and improving quality in all areas of operation at USC through the design and implementation of a comprehensive Quality Management System as well as facilitating the institution-wide embracing of the concept of quality improvement, including a commitment to participate in institutional improvement and growth.


Some of the projects currently engaging the attention of the Department of Quality Assurance include:

  • Institutional Accreditation: local accreditation –Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago (ACTT) Department and SDA Accreditation – Adventist Accreditation Association of Schools Colleges and Universities (AAA).
  • Assisting Schools and Departments with the design and preparation of new programs for approval with the ACTT.
  • Assisting departments with the development of Quality Manuals and department procedures for improved efficiency and in line with best practices.

Office contact information

Phone :1- (868) 662-2241/2 Ext. 1525, 1527
Fax: (868) 645-9866