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Nutrition and Dietetics is a study comprising of the science of nutrition together with an in-depth understanding of medical nutrition therapy, community nutrition, and food service systems management. The focus is to train students to work effectively with patients, families, communities, and governments at the local, regional, and international levels.

Campuses: Main Campus, Barbados

Total Programme Credits: 139

Programme Duration: 3 to 4 years

Programme Delivery: Face-to-face/Blended

Application Deadline (September 2022 Intake): August 1, 2022

Entry Requirements

Five O'Level GCE/CXC/CSEC passes, including English Language

Sample Courses

Courses required for the Nutrition and Dietetics Core

  • ACCT121 Fundamentals of Accounting I 3
  • STAT120 Introduction to Statistics for Social Sciences 3
  • FDNT114 Fundamentals of Food Production 4
  • FDNT118 The Profession of Dietetics 1
  • FDNT226 Meal Management and Catering 3
  • FDNT230 Nutrition 4
  • FDNT310 Nutrition in the Life Cycle 3
  • FDNT321 Introduction to Clinical Nutrition 3
  • FDNT491 Research Methods 3

Courses required for the Emphasis

  • FDNT124 Food Science 3
  • FDNT322 Nutrition and Human Metabolism 3
  • FDNT342 Medical Nutrition Therapy I 3
  • FDNT343 Medical Nutrition Therapy II 4
  • FDNT351 Food Service Management I 4
  • FDNT352 Food Service Management II 3
  • FDNT405 Senior Seminar 1
  • FDNT421 Community Nutrition I 2
  • FDNT422 Community Nutrition II 2
  • FDNT442 Nutrition Assessment and Counselling 3
  • FDNT445 Nutrition-Care Management 3
  • FDNT487 Advanced Medical Nutrition Therapy 4

Courses required for the Cognate

  • BCHM120 Introduction to Biological Chemistry 4
  • BIOL111 Anatomy and Physiology I 4
  • BIOL112 Anatomy and Physiology II 3
  • BIOL260 Microbiology and Lab 4
  • CHEM110 Introduction to Inorganic and Organic Chemistry 4
  • MGMT255 Principles of Management 3

Courses required for the Practicum

  • FDNT395 Foodservice Systems Management Affiliation 4
  • FDNT396 Community Nutrition Affiliation 4
  • FDNT473 Medical Nutrition-Therapy Affiliation 4


The Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics is offered at a cost of BDS$250.00/USD$125.00 per credit. Click related button to view all fees.

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