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Harold Baptiste lecturership

30 Jan 2018 | Campus News |

Harold Baptiste lecturership

The fifth annual Harold Baptiste lecturership is scheduled to begin on February 1, 2018, at the University of the Southern Caribbean's Social Sciences Auditorium. This year's speaker, Dr. Nicholas P. Miller is a lawyer and professor of church history at Andrews University, Michigan, USA. 

Since its inception in 2014, the Harold Baptiste lecture series has assisted in creating much-needed discussions and dialogue on topics pertaining to ministry and leadership. 

Attendees can anticipate deep discussions, powerful insight and an overall rewarding experience at this year's lecture. The event is sponsored annually by the North American Alumni Association in honor of the life and ministry of Harold Baptiste and his wife Shirley Baptiste whose longstanding work in the field of ministry continues to inspire.

A schedule of the weekend's events and topics to be covered can be found below.