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Going Green- A sustainability initiative

22 Feb 2018 | Campus News | Trea Johnson

Going Green- A sustainability initiative

The University of the Southern Caribbean (USC), backed by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago is currently undertaking a Renewable Energy and Environmental Development Project which will place USC as a National Champion for environmentally friendly and sustainable development, particularly within the context of growing global concerns such as global warming and climate change.

The institution's move to go "green" will serve as a pilot project as the government seeks to place several institutions in the country as leaders in sustainability. To make this project a reality, USC will be the first beneficiary of the "Green Fund" which will finance the two-year-long project that entails the moving away from the use of carbon and utilizing only solar energy to power the campus.

Energy Dynamics Limited, the company responsible for transitioning USC into the Sustainability Initiative, in their presentation to the faculty and staff on Friday, February 16th praised the institution for agreeing to such a cause. The team headed by former Administrator, Mr Glenford Joseph, intends to train, bring awareness and effectively implement a strategy and policies surrounding the initiative. 

What is Energy Efficiency? It is the reduction in the energy used for a given service (heating, lighting, etc.) or level of activity. The reality is that every kWh of energy produces 1.07kg of greenhouse gas emission. Energy efficiency basically is the key to ensuring a safe, reliable, affordable and sustainable energy system for the future. This project offers major benefits to the institution, such as a reduction in monthly expenses, maintenance costs, and capital expenditure just to name a few.

The University President and Administrators have shown much social responsibility by agreeing to this change and their efforts to care for our environment is definitely lauded.  The institution embraces the idea of energy management and eagerly look forward to the processes involved in conserving energy. 

“Remember that buildings don’t use energy people do! Energy Management Starts with you!!” (Energy Dynamics Limited)