In-reach programmes

Our in-reach programmes include Weeks of Prayer, Days of Prayer, Joint Staff Worship, Chapel Sessions, Vesper services, Chaplain’s Retreat, Weeks of Emphasis, Seminars and Literature Evangelist Club.

Outreach programmes

Our core outreach approach are Mission Trips which are conducted yearly. Students, faculty, and staff of the university take part in missionary trips and mission trips around the world and the Caribbean. Houses are built for the homeless and underprivileged and crusades are held. This provides an opportunity for persons to give their hearts to God. In past mission trips conducted, one house was built every year. Our mission trips have been to Tobago in 2006, Brazil and Guyana in 2007, St. Lucia in 2008, Antigua in 2009 and St Vincent in 2010. Over the years we have had over 25 crusades in countries such as Tanzania, Malaysia, Mexico and more.

Blitz missionary trips

Community Services Programs -During such activities clean up campaigns are held or activities are done to enhance the environment in which people live.

Ministry funded education

Students are able to acquire funds for their tuition through the means of literature evangelism. During the summer vacation, students can sell religious books and save enough to obtain a scholarship. This is a good way to assist students who are unable to meet tuition requirements.