Preparing to march to "Pomp and Circumstance" requires wearing the traditional graduation cap and gown. Your academic dress will depend on the degree you will be receiving. The academic regalia consists of cap, gown, hood and tassel.

The GATE Programme provides financial assistance to citizens of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, pursuing programmes at the USC and other tertiary institutions. All GATE approved programmes are identified within our academic degree offerings. The GATE Programme is managed by the Funding and Grants Administration Division of the Ministry of Education (MOE).

How to apply

There are two main steps.

You need to first register on the GATE e-service platform with the following documents. 

  • Original birth paper, electronic version.
  • One form of ID – National ID or Passport only.
  • A valid email address.

Once you are registered, whether online or at the GATE E-services offices across the country, you can then apply for GATE clearance.

To apply for GAE clearance you will need to scan and upload the following documents to the GATE e-services website.

  • Copy of Electronic Birth Paper, National ID or Passport.
  • Copy of Marriage Certificate if your submitted name has changed through marriage.
  • Copy of Acceptance Letter from USC.
  • Proof of completion of a GATE sponsored programme (final transcript, copy of certificate/diploma) or receipt showing repayment for an incomplete GATE sponsored programme (copy of receipt of repayment to GATE).
  • Proof of payment of applicable fees (Graduate students)

When to apply

Students are required to apply for GATE funding at the start of the academic year. Do check to ensure your application is approved or in process. If your application for GATE is not approved within 15 days, please speak with your Finance Advisor.

General notes

Students receiving funding via the GATE programme should read carefully the Policies & Procedures for GATE funded students on the Student SIS. If experiencing any GATE issues, please visit your Student Finance Advisor for consultation.

All GATE funded students are required to sign a Credit Commitment Form at registration.  Students under 18 will need their parents to sign their behalf. In the case of a studnet under 18 please ensure your parent/guardian accompany you at registration. They are required to bring their Identification Card or Passport.