Single and married students who live outside the residence halls are expected to follow the spirit and practice of the University’s housing regulations and standards. The parents, relatives or guardians, with whom single students live, are expected to share responsibilities in these requirements with the University’s Administration. All students living off campus are expected to maintain high moral standards in their choices of guests and entertainment. Off campus housing privileges can be revoked in some cases.

University sports day

Any student offered room or boarding at the home of a member of faculty or staff must remember that the faculty or staff member who agrees to assume responsibility for the student’s well-being is also required to apply for approval from the Office of Student Development & Services.

Non-university housing

All students applying to live off campus must have the written consent (where applicable) of parents or guardians, and be twenty- three years (23) old or over. The application is made to the Office of Student Development & Services. If approval is granted, it will be for the current academic year only and may be terminated if extenuating circumstances warrant it. 

The Vice-President for Student Development & Services, in collaboration with the Student Development & Services Council will decide on each case. It is the policy of the University not to give freshmen permission to live off campus. Students who are living off campus are expected to maintain the standards of the University in their daily transactions. Both Nationals and non-Nationals are held responsible for the upkeep of the policies, rules and regulations according to the agreement they sign with the University of the Southern Caribbean.