If you plan on driving and parking on our main campus, you will need to register your car and get a parking pass from the Campus Security office. You will need to provide the following documents.

  • Your Drivers Permit

  • Vehicle's Certified Copy

  • Proof of valid insurance

You will be given a decal which must be visible in the vehicle while on campus.

Parking rules

Parking rules are in effect during the university's business hours Monday-Friday with relaxed parking on the evenings and weekends. However, on special occasions, parking rules are in effect as needed.  Do follow instructions by campus security at all times.

Permitted parking areas

There are a number of areas on the main campus with available parking. As far east as the Library and the large car parks near the marriage complex. The main administrative parking area is reserved for staff and faculty during business hours.

Student shuttle parking

Visitors and students are requested to not park in areas used by the student shuttle service. Parking in front of the main office entrance is strictly prohibited.