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The C.A Valley Windball Competition 2018

15 Mar 2018 | Community Focus

The Dr C.A. Valley T-10 Windball Competition 2018 is off to a rousing start. I have not watched an entire game but enjoyed the gasps, feigned bemusement, shouts of encouragement at the bowling, batting and fielding skills of both male and female players. I've chuckled at the bowler who went from medium fast to slow in one over. It's a sight to enjoy. Many line the shaded walkway or take in sections of the game between classes on Wednesdays.

Here's what makes the competition special. It's a 20 over Cricket competition, but using a softball. Each team must bowl 10 overs. Each team must have at least one female player who must bowl one over, with the regular cricket bowling action. Teams are allowed to have two outside players who are not faculty or staff; none USC members are usually community members from the Maracas Valley area. 

Games are played on Sundays from 1:00 pm, Wednesdays from 3:05pm and Fridays from 13:30 pm and is a hit with students and the public alike. The competition is carded to run from 22nd February 2018 to mid-April 2018. We've had five games so far and the School of Theology vs ASB was a humdinger with fortunes going back and forth. South Caribbean Conference (SCC) vs CUC Secondary School was a high scoring game. 

I'm loving how the competition is going. Let's hope the 'Duck' (Duckworth-Lewis System) does not have to come into play as the competition progresses. This is an excellent example of what makes USC the place to be!

This competition is part of S.P.E.D calender. We look forward to you joining us for remaining games! Discover USC S.P.E.D. 

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