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A Sunday of food delights, reflecting on the USC Music Brunch

04 Apr 2018 | Student Focus

I arrived at the Music Department's Brunch on Sunday 25th March 2018 rather late, figuring I had missed all the food delights. I knew it was a food event but did not anticipate the sumptuous spread that awaited us.  Warmth emanated from the hosts and hostesses who dressed in all black, were busy making sure everyone was seated and well taken care of. I was seated and served by a smiling and amiable first-year student of the School of Sciences and Technology student, Ms Jordan Hercules, who seemed to be thoroughly enjoying her role.

USC Music Department Brunch

Due to my late arrival, I decided to select items that were still available, thus putting together a dish of tomato choka, sun-dried tomato hummus, roasted potatoes, eggs and croissant after which I settled down to eat. My host then offered juice and lemon water that completed my meal.

The band was now in full 80's jazz mode and Music Coordinator Kerron Hislop donned an 'old time' felt hat and provided sax accompaniment to the band. The scene reminded me of the old TV Jazz shows of the 70's: I enjoyed the memory throwback. Many were focused on engaging conversations and enjoyable food, but rapturous applause broke out as the sweet music offered, had moments of magnificent crescendos.

Now back to my meal, I was reflecting on how effortlessly, and with love, my eggs were prepared. The choka was on point: a spicy, peppery taste, with just enough fire to resist 'liquid cooling'. Simply put it was great food in a great atmosphere.  Many of the team members who made this event a success were 1st and 2nd-year students from various disciplines, some of whom are not even music majors but nonetheless, seemed to truly enjoy a day of service.

The food was awesome and I look forward to the next Music Department food event. It's great to have a reminder that USC is more than an academic institution: it's a training ground for service, to God and humanity.

Connell Byron Hunte, Dept of Computer Science, covered this event on behalf of IMC.

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