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Alumni among the top 20 selected for Howard University award

11 Apr 2018 | Alumni Focus

Ross Parkinson is among a select group of twenty academically gifted students accepted into PLESP, a law programme at Howard University, USA.

A Sunday of food delights, reflecting on the USC Music Brunch

04 Apr 2018 | Student Focus

I arrived at the Music Department's Brunch on Sunday 25th March 2018 rather late, figuring I had missed all the food delights. I knew it was a food event but did not anticipate the sumptuous spread...

Singing like Gideon's army. Reflecting on USC Music in Barbados

04 Apr 2018 | Community Focus

Sitting in the audience listening to the USC Group's rendition of '10'000 reasons to love our Lord' in Barbados, many listening would be hard pressed to truly appreciate the challenges the group faced

USC Ansanm

13 Nov 2017 | Student Focus

Culture; it is the very essence of who we are. The very tide that binds a person to their place of origin, it is a key part of our overall makeup.

The C.A Valley Windball Competition 2018

15 Mar 2018 | Community Focus

The 2018 Dr.C.A Valley T-10 Windball Competition is off to a rousing start. I have not watched an entire game but enjoyed the gasps, bemused expressions and shouts of encouragement at the bowling...