USC's Got Talent

USC's Got Talent

The University of the Southern Caribbean is committed to the holistic development of our students. To fulfill this pledge, we are excited to present the first in what we intend to be an exciting event series, USC's Got Talent, aimed at bringing out the best in our talented student body, as well as pushing them to grow; exploring the bounds of their skills by way of a clean, competitive environment. USC's Got Talent will amalgamate Christian entertainment with healthy competition, as part of USC's perpetual drive to developing the USC Student through a multi-faceted University experience.

Book Your Audition Spot!

In order to qualify, you must first audition in your chosen category:

Instrumental | Singing  | Spoken Word

All auditions will be held on February 22nd, 2018


Audition guidelines

The following instructions will guide students participating in the Auditions

1.      Auditions spots can be booked for your chosen category via

2.      Instrumental Audition: 9am to 1pm at the Social Science Building Auditorium

3.      Voice Audition: 2pm to 6pm at the ESL classroom block

4.      Spoken Word Audition: 2pm to 6pm at the Social Science Building Auditorium

5.      ONLY Gospel/Religious music can be used in this competition

6.      All participants must be registered student of the University of the Southern Caribbean

7.      The University of the Southern Caribbean Dress Code must be in effect at all performances.

8.      Audition pieces should be 3 minutes

9.      Categories can be groups (10 members maximum) or individual.

10.  Participants are encouraged to be on time for their performance

OVER $15,000 in PRIZES to be Won!

Dates to Remember

Auditions: February 22, 2018

Semifinals: March 17, 20118

Finals: April 14, 2018