June 29 - July 1, 2018

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When and where will the graduation exercises be held?
The 2018 Graduation exercises will run from June 29, - July 1, 2018. All three events, the Consecration service, the Baccalaureate service and the Commencement ceremony will take place in the newly constructed University Auditorium, locates on the northern end of campus.  

What times are the ceremonies set to be held and which Schools will be participating?
There are two scheduled ceremonies on July 1, 2018. The first will take place at 9:00am. Guests are asked to be seated by 8:30 am. The schools participating in the morning ceremony are the School of Business and the School of Science and Technology, and Allied Health. The second ceremony will take place at 2:30 pm. Guests are asked to be seated by 2:00 pm. The schools participating are the School of Education and Humanities, the School of Social Sciences and the School of Theology and Religion. 

How many tickets will I receive? 
Graduating students will each receive a total of three tickets with no resale value. For security reasons, graduates must provide photographic ID when collecting tickets 

What is the dress code for the Graduation Ceremony?
- Black trousers, Black dress shoes and light colored dress shirt (tie optional), no bow ties allowed
Female - Black Comfortable Shoes. Dress length should not exceed the hem of the robe.
School dress code in effect (No Jewelry except wedding bands and watches).
*Please note that the dress code will be strictly enforced. Graduands not adhering to the stated dress code will not be permitted to march.

What time should I arrive?
Graduating students must arrive one-and-a-half hours before graduation commencement for registration and vesting. Graduands should arrive fully dressed. 
N.B. Graduands are advised to walk with at least six safety pins to hold your hood in place. (See Video of Vesting of candidates). University Registry staff will be on hand to assist students with the proper fitting of the academic hood and other attire issues.

When should my guests arrive?
Ideally we recommend that you and your guests arrive at the same time. If this is not possible, guests must arrive before the seating time of 8:30 am for the morning ceremony, or 2:00 pm for the evening ceremony. We recommend you arrive on time to avoid disappointment.

Is food available at the Commencement Ceremony?
There will be a Graduation Village set up on the lawn in front of the Kennedy Industrial Arts Building. There, you will be able to purchase food and other items on the day. 

How long does the Graduation Ceremony last?
Each ceremony will last about two to three hours, depending on the number of graduands being presented.

Morning Commencement Speaker
Dr. Richard Hart
President, Loma Linda University Health 

Evening Commencement Speaker 
Dr. Walter Douglas
Founder and Director of the Institute of Diversity and Multiculturalism at Andrews University  

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