Coronavirus, COVID-19 information update

Coronavirus, COVID-19 information update

USC Academic Continuity Plan

We are transitioning! During this week period, the School of Distance Education is offering training for faculty and students to resume classes via distance education.  lecturers should use Aeorion and Zoom to mediate distance education from 23rd March until the end of this semester.

Information for students

Registrar's Office support

The Registrar’s office will use this week to convert their services online and the information will be communicated to the students later this week.  A skeleton staff will be employed on a rotation basis to facilitate transcripts, completion letters, data entry and transfer credits.

Library Services support

The library will activate the 24/7 Ask a librarian services and a skeleton staff will be employed on a rotation basis to facilitate loans and the use of the reference materials.  Students will be encouraged to make greater use of the virtual library resources.

Student Advisement Centre support

The Student Advisement Centre will use this week to transfer their services online.  The CXC classes and the preliminary courses will be offered by distance learning.  A schedule will be prepared for academic advising to be conducted by zoom.

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Internships, placements and clinicals

With immediate effect, all students doing internships, placements and clinical rotations will be withdrawn from the study sites until further notice.  This includes nurses, occupational therapists, social workers, dietitians, teachers and business students.  These will continue at a later stage in our calendar year.

Courses with laboratory sessions

All courses with labs must be revisited to provide simulations, dry labs or online labs as much as possible until further notice.  These arrangements must be finalised this new week so that the students will be advised accordingly.

Information for staff and faculty

A professional development freeze is now in effect for all faculty and administrators of the university for the next three months.  No faculty will be approved to attend local or international conferences or symposia for the next three months, even if they have already registered. Similarly, a travel freeze is also in effect therefore no faculty will be approved for overseas travel and neither will exchange visits or scoping visits with faculty or administrators of foreign institutions be allowed at this time.  No faculty will be allowed to proceed on vacation or special leave until after the end of the semester.

General communications


Students are advised to pay attention to the following information.

Download our Health and Nutrition Brochures. (PDF)