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USC in talks with Ministry of Trade and Industry

02 Jan 2018 | Campus News |

USC in talks with Ministry of Trade and Industry

Pictured above: Dr Raghavalu Ramella, Dean, School of Business, USC and Senator the Honourable Minister Paula Gopee Scoon, 
Minister of Trade and Industry


The School of Business Entrepreneurship & Continuing/Professional Studies (SoB) at the University of the Southern Caribbean has begun talks with the Ministry of Trade and Industry to establish a Center for Entrepreneurship & Trade. The main objective of the centre will be, to teach, coach and inspire individuals to be entrepreneurial. The centre proposes to provide tools and experience needed to creatively pursue new opportunities and innovations in the start-up, social, and corporate venture arenas in Trinidad and Tobago and around the globe.

Through courses, degree programs and complementary events such as workshops and seminars, the centre will seek to serve approximately 500 students per year. Partnering with various Government ministries, entrepreneurs, investors and traders, the centre will deliver introductory and specialized courses at both the graduate and undergraduate level. Graduate students within the SoB will have an opportunity to earn certification in entrepreneurship through the centre.

It is also proposed that through the centre, students with be given an opportunity to experience real life entrepreneurship while still in school. Co-curricular programs that include consulting to disadvantaged entrepreneurs in Trinidad and Tobago, will provide additional opportunities to “learn and do” allowing students to become more creative, innovative and entrepreneurial.