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USC promotes health and wellness

24 Jan 2020 | Campus News | Dr. Claudette Mitchell, Director, USC Health and Wellness Programme

USC promotes health and wellness

Helping people to improve their quality of life remain critical to continued development and advancement at local, regional, and international levels.  Such an initiative is an essential component in promoting health and wellness within business and faith-based organizations, educational institutions, healthcare settings, and the public sector. This of course can more than likely enhance productivity levels, decrease absenteeism, aid in stress management, reduce the potential risk for disease, prevent premature mortality, assist in building sustainable communities, and also contribute to economic growth.  Research conducted provide compelling evidence that improvement in dietary practices, physical activity habits, mental health and trust in divine power can be beneficial to individuals.  Therefore, a holistic approach to health brings rewards.

More importantly, the University of the Southern Caribbean (USC) Health and Wellness Committee sponsored the USC Health and Wellness Walkathon, Sunday, January 19, 2020, for faculty, staff, students, and community residents.  This event was the launch for the USC Health and Wellness Programme scheduled to begin on Monday, January 20, 2020. The walkathon took place from the South Caribbean Conference of SDA, Deane Street, St. Augustine to USC’s Main Campus, Royal Road, Maracas Valley, St. Joseph.  A total of approximately, five (5) miles.  Prior to the start of the event, a warm-up exercise session was conducted by the Personal Fitness Coach.    There were more than one hundred (100) participants which also included our colleagues from the South Caribbean Conference of SDA and the Caribbean Union Conference of SDA, and we were accompanied by the USC Security Officers, Police Officers from the St. Joseph Police Station, and Avatar Ambulance Services. There were no incidents or injuries reported during or after the event.  Each participant was a winner and receive a medal at the end of the walk.  The Personal Fitness Coach conducted an aerobics burn-out session following the walkathon for participants, and also others who did not join the walk.  Overall, we are thankful to God for beautiful weather conditions, and a safe and successful event.