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Inter-denominational Symposium hailed as a success

28 Feb 2019 | Campus News | Information provide by Mrs Joanne Blake

Inter-denominational Symposium hailed as a success

The school of Theology and Religion held its sixth, Theological Inter-denominational Symposium. The three-day symposium under the theme was held from Jan 23-26, 2019. The symposium's objectives included but was not limited to 'The establishment of biblical, theological and historical foundations of the doctrine of the Holy Trinity as a major doctrine of the church','To give witness to the doctrine of the Trinity as espoused by the Seventh-day Adventist church to other religious faiths' and to 'Make an academic contribution to theological scholarship as an Adventist tertiary institution.' 

Over two hundred persons were in attendance at the event which concluded with a panel discussion on Sabbath afternoon. The two main presenters were Mr Matthew L. Tinkham and Dr Thomas Shepherd, Professor of New Testament Interpretation and Programme Director both of the Andrews Univesity Theological Seminary. 

Several abstracts for the Plenary sessions were presented including 'Where is the Trinity in the New Testament? An overview' and 'The Divinity of Jesus Christ' under the patron of Dr Sheppard. 'Talking about God: Preliminary Hermeneutical and Methodological Considerations for studying the doctrine of the Triune God' were part of the six sessions done by Mark Tinkham'. 

Participants included several Adventist ministers from across the Caribbean Union who commented positively on the enjoyable, informative and engaging sessions particularly by Dr Shepherd who punctuated his presentations with many humorous anecdotes. The success of this year's symposium is credited to the hard work and the team of the school which is affectionately referred to as "The School of the Prophets".