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Golda Lee Bruce to students: Go out there and love people

10 Apr 2018 | Campus News | Charlie Ann St. Cyr

Golda Lee Bruce to students: Go out there and love people

Deputy Head of News at CNC3, Golda Lee-Bruce delivered a timely reminder to students on April 4, 2018 at the Honours Convocation ceremony when she motivated them to foster a culture of honourable learning. 

Speaking to over 240 honourees who excelled in their studies, achieving a Grade Point Average  (GPA) of 3.5 and over, Mrs Lee-Bruce used personal experiences, which she vividly narrated. These experiences were likened to three “batteries” that every human being should place in their backpack. These were “Respect, Humility and Gratitude.” 

In dealing with respect, Mrs Lee-Bruce cautioned students to respect all people, simply because they are people, all deserving of respect regardless of their social status, wealth or fame.

She also elaborated on humility, noting that it is important to understand you’ve made it this far because of God and acknowledge that you still have very far to go. “Humility is that thing that opens doors. You are going to need people to help you,” she said.  “You need people to help you in this life; you cannot do it on your own. Be humble.”

The final “battery” she spoke to was gratitude. “Gratitude is a lifestyle. Gratitude is living thanks…you may not always have the opportunity to say thanks you, but your life of gratitude should express that” she said. 

Her presentation was well received by students, faculty, staff, parents and other supporters who attended the event. 

Dr. Hilary Bowman, University President, congratulated the students for their achievement and was proud to honour the USC student with the highest GPA at the University during this convocation ceremony. Dayne Nichols, a Vincentian national and Theology student was granted the President’s Award and a cash prize for his hard work. 

Dr. Wanda Chesney, Vice-President of Academic Administration also expressed her satisfaction that so many students were being awarded, noting that this ceremony spoke to the quality of student that the University produces. 

The Honours Convocation for many years has been held in Schools. However, the decision was made to reinstitute the event as a University-wide activity in the school’s calendar. Planning committee member, Ms. Marlene Roach indicated that the event was indeed a remarkable success.