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Almost home

12 Jan 2018 | Campus News |

Almost home

Written By: Trea Johnson

After decades of occupying less than commodious daily living quarters, what has been thought, spoken and dreamt of by the ladies of Linda Austin residence hall past and present would finally be realized. The current administration of the University of the Southern Caribbean under the leadership of Dr. Hilary Bowman will proudly unveil and open the doors to the new ladies residence hall January 30, 2018.



The state of the art dormitory which holds ninety-six (96) fully furnished rooms with the capacity to house one hundred and ninety-two (192) females promises all the necessary conveniences that a female student would rightly require and naturally deserves. 

The Linda Austin residence hall named after the first West Indian female lecturer who taught at the college was the second building constructed on the campus in 1929, this original building was called Cedar Hall. The dormitory was first occupied by women and actually named Linda Austin Hall in 1956. The building was continuously extended and modified to accommodate the institutions growing population. The dormitory over its sixty (60) plus years of use has severely diminished from its initial fame and glory.

This residential rite-of-passage has been long overdue, the campus buzzed with excitement as nine fully stocked containers with furnishings were delivered. This is the final nail, as the ladies anxiously await entrance into their new, commodious and palatial home away from home. The New Year certainly brings new things. The University family awaits the grand celebration and unveiling of the dormitory as the ladies are almost home!